ndia’s cultural aspect:

IIndia is the country of diverse, cultural, rich in history and heritage. Where art & craft are the most popular thing. The pattern / the style of craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires, which gives a significant essence in art & craft & enriched as a culture of tradition throughout the centuries.

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Art & craft of India

India contributes a remarkable or an excellent result in art & craft sector in various way, we provide best quality raw materials, we have a proper sense and knowledge about the artistic views like style, patterns, subjects and all over those things which gives a snazzy or stunning looks in the area of art.

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Bengal’s original craftwork & it’s tradition

Bengal’s rich cultural heritage and centuries,,,,,,, Read More

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Sensation of craftwork

Now a days we developed our views and inculcate many things everyday from the different part of India. For making a better sense in this area. The crafts of Bengal have been valued through out the time; their existence today proves  the efforts  put into their preservation. egestas dui id ornare. Adipiscing diam donec adipiscing tristique risus nec feugiat.

Creative aspect of TULIR TANE

Now a days / in this time ‘’TULIR TANE’’ presented Bengal’s original traditional crafts globally in all over the Bengal. They customized their products as per the choice and preference of their customer, with captivating designs, smooth finish with expert artists. The crafts easily provide vibrancy and dazzling looks in our residential and commercial sector as well. TULIR TANA provides a select -range of premium quality crafts that ergonomically designed with the original  artists in all over from the Bengal… Read more  



A handicraft, some  times more precisely expressed the thought of an artistic mind. It is a traditional main sector of craft making and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that   are related to making things.

The crafts  of Bengal have been  valued through out the time. The production of these crafts needs great skill and represents a particular expression, and culture.

  Handicrafts could hold a number of values, some of them being aesthetic , cultural, decorative ,religious etc.

To understand the historical perspective  of Bengal’s  handicraft’s, we have to  must visit “TULIR TANE”  the art & craft centre   once.

“TULIR TANE” brings the crafts work with an artistic mind in an aesthetic way. It can gives us the proper taste of the heritage & culture of Bengal’s inner beauty  which we can shows in this traditional work regarding the form of handcrafts items like hand made craft, hand painting , wall hanging painting, terracotta handicraft’s , terracotta hand made jewellery etc.

You can buy now it  online, Bengal’s  vast range of hand craft items effortlessly in very short times from “TULIR TANE’’.

It is also an attractive present which you can give to any body in any purpose, which also notified about the taste  of your ESP & vision.

Hand Made Jewellery

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