India is the country of diverse,cultural,rich in history and heritage. Where art & craft are the most popular thing.The pattern / the style of craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires, which gives a significant essence in art & craft enriched as a culture of tradition through out the centuries.

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Bengal’s original craftwork & it’s tradition

Bengal’s rich cultural heritage and centuries,,,,,,,[popup_anything id=”2051″]


 Painting is an expression of so many ideas which are consisted by an artists with the creations of certain aesthetic qualities. It produce a sensations to the viewers eyes & minds.“TULIRTANE” introduce this type of excellent collections of paintings for their customer. We values & respect of your Choice, so that we bring those amazing paintings from excellent artists of India. Artistic legitimacy is a requirement for the inscription of an art work to the world heritage.Authenticity can be expressed through and substance the use and function, the tradition and techniques. “TULIRTANE” inculcate various kind of paintings for their clients choice & preference.


Sculpture is a form of visual arts that operates in three dimensions. It can be execute by many things like stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials, there has been an almost complete freedom of materials and process. Sculpture has been central in religious devotion in many cultures. Artist enriched their sense in his/her work with devotion.“TULIRTANE” now came with variety & customised sculpture work. There are a variations of product which you can purchase or buy online from all over in India and also from over seas. So, don’t miss the opportunity. It inculcates the heritage of India. Authenticity & quality of product is our main concern, that gives us a significant value.


India is famous for it’s history,culture, and religion. Throughout the centuries,crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities. The craft of Bengal have been valued through out the time. The region has seen the rule of various empires, each has left their mark of style on traditional crafts. Traditional crafts mainly known as a style of handmade craft making traditionally from so many years. by passionate artists with his/her own style. “TULIRTANE” introduce this unique art work for their clients. We have a huge variations of traditional craft work with different flavour, which gives you a real touch of nature and make your smile.


A things which can intensify / increase the beauty of our house and as well as our working place, home decor is the style of your interiors and includes the items you use to decorate and personalize your house. The decor designs you choose for your home are a clear reflection of your taste. “TULIRTANE” comes with their trendy & unique collections. We promised to help you as always we do for our customers. We have a huge variety of hand made creations like terracotta wall hanging, dalls, handmade craft, hand painting on canvas, plate painting, wall hanging ,traditional mask, traditional hand made items, show-pieces just only for you, now you can purchase or buy online this hand crafts so easily. This type of home decor will give an excellent look in your home as well as your commercial sector, which makes your mind a refreshens & brings a positive vibrant.


Jewellery is an essential thing to those people who loves to accessorize. A special piece of hand made authentic jewellery can changes an out look of a person and brings an attractive look, in any outfit. “TULIRTANE” presents an innovative jewellery collection for their clients. In a customized way. Our various kinds of artists who are unique in this, they prepare lots of different variations this type of jewellery with uniqueness. Diverse materials such as glass beads, fabric, acrylic as well as organic/natural material such as wood, shell, terracotta are used to making this type of jewellery. This type of jewellery made of these materials gains much more popularity. Hand made jewellery involves much more with culture, humanity and history. Finding a gift for your special ones in a special events? If you want to make on unforgettable present you can purchase online hand made items for your close ones, you might want to consider hand made unique jewellery by “TULIRTANE”.


We inculcate the rich authentic handcraft’s items all over from Bengal. We appreciate & respect the creative approach of those artists who are the main source of this contribution of our cultural aspiration. We customized our products for our clients. Now a day’s ‘’TULIRTANE’’ brings many more new launching product of hand made unique & traditional item’s for core of Bengal, like hand made decorative items, Pattachitra painting, wall hanging, Traditional mask, Terracotta hand made jewelleries, terracotta dalls and much more. We maintain the highest potentiality of professional excellence, integrity and personal responsibility. We bring happiness for our customers.


Sustainable evolution of the handicraft items with superior living chance/opportunities of artists for their passionate artistic view all over from Bengal and make a platform for the future generations by conserving the rich Art & Creativity of Bengal.