Attraction of Freedom


TULIRTANE is a brand of art and Handicrafts marketplace. Started journey from 2020 with a vision to promote Bengali Traditional handicrafts, paintings and handmade items globally. Thirty-five plus artisans, traditional artists and contemporary artists across different parts of Bengal were directly involved with us.  Each product is uniquely handmade and hand-painted with details by skilled artisans.

Product ID: MBPAF18001

Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Height: 18

Width: 24″

Thickness: NA

Weight: 0.500 Kg

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“Freedom” means many things to many people. Freedom can mean having the opportunity to vote for particular ideas or for people who best represent our views. Freedom can refer to the concept of freedom of speech: the ability to freely voice personal opinions or perspectives. Others may understand freedom in a financial context, where people seek to free themselves of financial debt, outstanding credit and burdensome loans. Freedom is more complicated than being able to do whatever we want. Taken too far, that approach would lead to dangerous anarchy—every person for themselves! Certainly, freedom can mean the right to do, think, believe, speak, worship, gather, or act as one pleases, but only until your choices start to infringe on another person’s freedoms.

In TULIRTANE ” Attraction of Freedom ” shows an unconditional love fusion with an old masterwork. Painting is an expression of so many ideas which are consisted by an artist with the creations of certain aesthetic qualities. It produces a sensation in the viewer’s eyes & minds. “TULIRTANE” introduce this type of excellent collection of paintings for their customer. We value & respect your Choice so that we bring those amazing paintings from excellent artists of India. Artistic legitimacy is a requirement for the inscription of an artwork to the world heritage. Authenticity can be expressed through and substance the use and function, the tradition and techniques. “TULIRTANE” inculcate various kinds of paintings for their clients choice & preference. These wall hanging paintings are ideal for beautifying your home & office wall with their vibrant colours and unique shapes. You can buy it online for your dear and near ones or gift this as a Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Goodwill Gift, Valentine Gift.


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