Bamboo Handicraft Big Sailing Boat


Product ID: BHSBD2001

Material: Bamboo Cane

Height: 9″

Width: 12″

Thickness: 2″

Weight: 0.200 Kg



TULIRTANE Bamboo Handicraft Big Sailing Boat with at least three masts, of which all but the one at the stern is rigged with square sails is called The Barque ( or bark). The sail at the stern is rigged fore and aft, for handling purposes. In the later 19th century, the bark grew as large as 3,000 tons capacity, mainly for the bulk cargo trade (grains, coal, fertilizers). The biggest sailing ship ever built was the 1911 bark France II of 5,806 tons. Today, the few remaining examples of the type are museum or sail training ships.

Measuring exactly 9×12 inches in size, this is designed to look simple, elegant and gives aesthetic pleasure. You can use it in any corner of your home. If you are considering a redesign for your home, or even for a specific area, Place this antique Handicraft Sailing Boat in your bedrooms or living rooms to attract the attention of guests & visitors. It has been meticulously crafted using a Bamboo cane, thus giving it a polished look that will enhance the overall appearance of your room. Be creative with the decor of your room by ornamenting it with this stunning piece of art. This flawlessly detailed handicraft model is amazingly authentic, from its billowing sails to its gleaming brass rails. The frames are made of 100% natural golden bamboo and the artwork with natural shellac polish adds elegance and rich style to your drawing and dining rooms. It will change the way your room looks. From TULIRTANE Crafted by Bamboo Cane, this artistic Sailing Boat captures the rich imagination of the artist and comes with a nice finish and reflects unparalleled craftsmanship. We have various varieties in our online and design art gallery so you can buy easily for yourself or gift this as a Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali Gift, or Goodwill Gift.


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