Bullock cart


Product ID: TWHNCC7101
Material: Terracotta 
Height: 6"
Width: 13"
Thickness: 1"
Weight: 1.3 Kg


TULIRTANE “Bullock Cart” is a decorative terracotta wall hanging dazzling handcraft. A bull cart or ox cart is a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle pulled by oxen. It is a means of transportation used since ancient times in many parts of the world. They are still used today where modern vehicles are too expensive or the infrastructure does not favour them. It is a reflection of traditional Bengali culture. In Bengali, we call it a “Gorur (Cow) – gari (Cart)”. Used especially for carrying goods, the bullock cart is pulled by one or several oxen and attached to an ox team by a special chain attached to yokes, but a rope also is used for one or two animals. Traditionally, the cargo was usually agrarian goods and lumber.

The overview is a beautiful traditional terracotta handicraft that involves the action or skill of using terracotta in the right manner hence. The end product will be a picture that can speak a thousand words. Arts have been in trend for a lifetime. It can elaborate on different viewers. Decorative terracotta wall hanging “Bullock Cart” with unique design and style make your room more attractive. This handmade craft has various forms of elements that will give an artistic look to your wall and a stunning impression to your guests. Its aesthetic look will give a traditional and amazing charm to your home decor. The material Terracotta we use is an exceptionally eco-friendly material as it is long-lasting, 100% natural and preserves the environment in multiple ways. TULIRTANE “Bullock Cart” is easily available on online, it is Portable and not so heavy weighty. You can also purchase it with just one click and gift this beautiful traditional handmade craft to your family or friend. Also ideal for home & office decor and as Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali Gift, Goodwill Gift.


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