Maa Durga


TULIRTANE “Maa Durga” symbolises the power of a protector of this world. The word Durga in Sanskrit means “a Castle” or a place which is hard to be swamped symbolising an epitome of courage and valour. Maa Durga is empowered with ten hands holding different protective weapons to defend against evils from all directions. According to the Hindu religion Goddess, Maa Durgabis worshipped as the essence of Shakti or divine power and considered as the shielding mother of the universe. The Goddess Durga is said to have killed the demon king Mahishasura and prevailed well over the evils in the world

Product ID: TWHND5101

Material: Terracotta

Height: 13″

Width: 7″

Thickness: 2.5″

Weight: 1.3 Kg

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According to Hindu Art and architecture and also in TULIRTANE “Maa Durga” is usually symbolised standing atop or riding a lion, which represents her power, will and determination. This handmade craft has various forms of elements that will give an artistic look to your wall and a stunning impression to your guests. Its aesthetic look will give a traditional and amazing charm to your home decor. The material Terracotta we use is an exceptionally eco-friendly material as it is long-lasting, 100% natural and preserves the environment in multiple ways. TULIRTANE “Maa Durga” is easily available online, it is Portable and not so heavy weighty. You can also purchase it with just one click and gift this beautiful traditional handmade craft to your family or friend. Also ideal for home & office decor and as Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali Gift, Goodwill Gift.



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