Bengal Patachitra has received the Geographical Indications (GI) tag in 2018. The GI tag conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin in that defined geographical locality, region or country. In 2010-11 the Chitrataru, the artists’ society of Pingla obtained Craftmark for Bengal Patachitra. Craftmark is a labelling scheme that certifies authentic handmade crafts made directly by artisans in a socially responsible manner.

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Material: Cloth, Paper, Color, Theme

Height: 35.56 cm

Width: 17.78 cm

Thickness: NA

Weight: 25.00 gms

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In TULIRTANE wall hanging Patachitra, the process of making Patachitra involves a few steps which are carried out by the Patachitra artists with immense care and passion. In TULIRTANE the artists make outlines directly with the brush on the paper. We don’t use pencil or charcoal for the preliminary drawings. Then we fill the spaces with appropriate colours. After painting, a layer of recycled soft fabric is pasted on the reverse side of the paper to make the scroll stronger and long-lasting. Then it is dried in sunlight. One of the distinct features of Patachitra is the use of natural colour made by the Patuas from locally available sources like leaves, vegetables, stones and flowers etc. The pats are also marked by minimal background decoration and usage of colour. After drawing the main pat with a thin black border, it is filled with colours. In TULIRTANE we use natural, herbal or organic colours. But some use artificial colours available in the market.  As the base material, we use paper easily available in the market. Especially, full scape or chart paper is used.

Source of Natural colours :

RED – New leaves of the teak tree, Betel Leaf, Annatto fruit, Catechu

BLUE – Blue Pea flower

GREEN – Runner beans, Leaves of Ivy gourd

BROWN – Matured teak leaves

BLACK – Soot

WHITE – Kusum Mati (also known as saffron soil), Limestone.

It produces a sensation to the viewer’s eyes & minds.“TULIRTANE” introduce this type of excellent collection of Patachitra for their customer. We value & respect your Choice so that we bring those amazing products from excellent artists of India. Artistic legitimacy is a requirement for the inscription of an artwork to the world heritage. Authenticity can be expressed through and substance the use and function, the tradition and techniques. “TULIRTANE” inculcate various kinds of products for their clients choice & preference. These wall hanging products are ideal for beautifying your home & office wall with their vibrant colours and unique shapes. You can buy it online for your dear and near ones or gift this as a Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Goodwill Gift, Valentine Gift.


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