Terracotta Jewellery The Black Bird


There is always a interrelation between looks and dress up. Whenever we come up with the looks, jewellery always played an important role to balance our outlook with costume and purpose. Our jewellery collections are totally handmade and used natural materials to prepare .Our design and style based on folk tradition of Bengal which is exclusively suits best in all sorts of cultural program as well as a unique gift for your special one. Our jewelleries have got a contemporary looks which suits best for all ages.

ITEM: Terracotta Necklace set. BLACK BIRD

USED COLOUR: Acrylic (skin friendly, waterproof)

one black bird necklace designed with folk art motif and painted with acrylic colours.

Set of two bird earrings which is the miniature form of the locket, which is perfectly matched with the necklace as a set with similar designs.


SHAPE: Bird.


Product ID: TJBB5001

Material: Terracotta

Height: 17″

Width: 3″

Thickness: 0.5″

Weight: 0.100 Kg


TULIRTANE is a brand of art and Handicrafts market place .Started journey form 2020 with a vision to promote Bengali Traditional handicrafts, paintings and handmade items globally. Thirty five plus artisans, traditional artist and contemporary artist across different parts of Bengal directly involved with us.  Our each product is uniquely handmade and hand painted with details by skilled artisans. We have products across multiple categories like handmade craft which is made in different materials like Terracotta, Wood, Bamboo, Canvas, Paper pulp, Clay etc.


TULIRTANE is a brand which can increase the beauty of your living room as well as your working place, home décor is the style of your interiors and includes the items you use to decorate and personalize your working place. The décor designs you choose for your home are a clear refection of your taste. ‘’ TULIRTANE’’ comes with an artistic and unique collections. We have a huge variety of products like terracotta showpiece, hand painting on canvas, wooden plate painting, traditional mask, traditional paintings, traditional handmade crafts and collection of authentic contemporary paintings .Now you can also buy online easily. This type of home décor will give an elegant look for your home as well as your commercial space which makes you a refresh and make a touch of art and nature.


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