The Lady


The African Handicraft is the most famous handicraft all over the world. In pursuance of African Handicrafts. In  TULIRTANE “The Lady” brings an aesthetic look to your old wall and bring an earthy tone inside the room that makes the entire environment more soothing as well as attractive. In TULIRTANE “The Lady” the material Terracotta we use is extremely sustainable and eco-friendly and popular among individuals who always look forward to healthy leaving. The product has a high level of weather and heat resistance, furthermore, the material helps in absorbing the moisture easily. The bright shades of orange, rust or yellow can create the right element of contrast on your wall and make it a perfect gift for friends and family. We have various varieties for home & office decor and as well as a Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali Gift, or Goodwill Gift you can buy it easily online.

  • This Wall Hanging home decor item is ideal for adding beauty to your home, office and living room.
  • Handmade in the traditional artistic shape with natural colour.
  • Ideal to be used in your room, living room, office, home or in kids’ room.
  • Comes with natural colour beads.
  • Handmade and Handpainted In terracotta.
  • The material Terracotta we use is an exceptionally eco-friendly material as it is long-lasting, 100% natural and preserves the environment in multiple ways.
  • Easily available online, it is Portable and not so heavy weighty. You can also purchase it with just one click and gift this beautiful traditional handmade craft to your family or friend. Also ideal for home & office decor and as Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali Gift, Goodwill Gift.

Product ID: TWHNL10001

Material: Terracotta

Height: 10″

Width: 7″

Thickness: 1″

Weight: 0.6 Kg

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TULIRTANE is a brand of Art and Handicrafts marketplace. Started journey from 2020 with a vision to promote Bengali Traditional handicrafts, Paintings and Handmade items globally. Thirty-five plus artisans, traditional artists and Contemporary artists across different parts of Bengal were directly involved with us. Our every product is uniquely handmade & hand-painted with details by skilled artisans. We have products across multiple categories like Handmade jewellery, Home & Living, Painting, Traditional craft, Handmade craft which is made in different materials like terracotta, woods, bamboo, Canvas, Paper pulp etc.

TULIRTANE is a brand that can increase the beauty of your living room as well as your working place, home decor is the style of your interiors and includes the items you use to decorate and personalize your working place. The decor designs you choose for your home are a clear reflection of your taste. “TULIRTANE” comes with an artistic and unique collection. We have a huge variety of products like terracotta wall hanging, terracotta showpiece, hand painting on canvas, wooden plate painting, traditional mask, traditional paintings, traditional handmade crafts and a collection of authentic contemporary paintings. Now you can also buy online easily. This type of home decor will give an elegant look to your home & your commercial space which makes you refresh and make a touch of art & nature.


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